The Madness of Judges

To those who think that Catholics were delusional when we argued that the HHS birth control mandate was a very real threat to religious freedom, I have this to say:

I just took my straight jacket to the dry cleaners.

A federal judge recently rejected a claim by a devout Catholic business owner that forcing him to subsidize birth control for his employees, either directly or indirectly, violated his First Amendment rights.  In the ruling, issued by U.S. District Court Judge Carol Jackson out of St. Louis, Missouri, the court held that “regulations do not impose a 'substantial burden' on either Frank O'Brien or OIH, and do not violate (their) rights."

O’Brien, the owner of O’Brien Industrial Holdings, objected to that provision of the Affordable Care Act which subjected him to severe penalties if he refused to cover, directly or indirectly, his employees' birth control.

And a federal judge told him where he could stick his constitutional rights.

And here, my friends, is the most objectionable part.  The American Civil Liberties Union, that bastion of constitutional freedom, actually criticized O'Brien for attempting to preserve his right to be free from undue government interference, with this pithy little comment:

“It’s happened time and again that people have used religion as an excuse why they should not have to obey a general law that applies to everyone."

For anyone who still thinks that group has any legitimacy, I'll get the straight jacket out of the cleaners for you.

Now, you can be of that tribe that says you are personally ‘pro-life’ but wouldn’t impose your 'beliefs' on others.

And you can be a Catholic who uses birth control (98% of us do.)

And you can think that anyone who has a problem with birth control in this day and age is one Apostle short of a Last Supper.

But you cannot, as an American citizen, stomach this rank violation of religious liberty by talking about the greater good, or other such blather thrown about by supporters of President Obama.

I’m angry, now.  And I would invite my Catholic brothers and sisters, and all of those who share a belief in the First Amendment even if you profess no particular creed, to protest this injustice.

Because even if you support this president, your highest obligation is to the rule of law.

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