Catholics and Ponytails

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I love it when the Catholic “Cheering Squad” comes out for President Obama.  It usually happens whenever he does something that the church finds objectionable, like forcing religious institutions to subsidize birth control or speaking out against legislation that would ban sex-selective abortions.

My “Catholic” brothers and sisters, and mostly the sisters, are so concerned that the rest of the non-Catholic world might look askance on the principles of our faith, that they go on the offensive and try and use our religion as political cover for their social justice poster boy.

And it’s happened again, with the recent poll that has Obama leading among “Catholics.”  At first glance, this seems ominous for both the GOP and the church itself, given that Obama is unabashedly liberal and stands in opposition to traditional marriage, the sanctity of unborn human life and a host of other issues that form the backbone of our faith.  They’ll say that this is it, the Republicans have lost the blue collar values voter, the ones who hang their rosaries on the nightstand (you know, so they can cling to them better.)

Others will say that this was to be expected, because concern for the poor is also a fundamental tenet of Catholicism and Romney and Ryan are acolytes of that atheistic, capitalist witch Ayn Rand.  However, as between the destruction of a child in utero and reducing the level unemployment benefits to less than, say, two years, it is likely that the church would find the first act to be infinitely more immoral than the second.

Personally, I’m not too worried about this so-called Catholic Tsunami for Obama.  Any Catholic who casts a vote for the most abortion-friendly president in recent memory has the civic right and duty to pull that lever if he or she feels he’s the best candidate for the job.  But to call them Catholic is a bit of a misnomer.

After all, I can put my hair up in a ponytail, but that doesn’t make me Secretariat.