I know you are but what am I?

If President Obama wins re-election in the Fall, it will not be because Mitt Romney has run a mediocre campaign.

It will not be because the media has helped him fool the American public into believing that he is a good President.

It will not be because he has a pretty wife, two charming daughters, a winning manner and an ability to make us forget about the Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.

It will not even be because, Democrats being Democrats, he will be able to guilt people into voting for the first African American President (that 50% of DNA from his white mother is an inconvenient and completely forgettable truth.)

No, if President Obama manages to beat his challenger in November, it will be because he has hoodwinked a willing American public into believing that none of the bad things that have happened on his watch (inflation, skyrocketing unemployment, a catastrophic deficit, dead ambassadors) are his fault.

The true genius of Barack Obama lies in his ability to shift the blame backward, ever backward, to other people, primarily other people named George W. Bush.

Obama has made an art of avoiding responsibility for economic and foreign policy debacles, and those who love him are more than willing to engage in temporary amnesia.

Everything is Bush’s fault, even though he has not been in office for four years. 

So it was not surprising to hear that Obama’s dear friend and confidante Eric Holder also managed to avoid any responsibility for putting firearms in the hands of drug traffickers.  Wednesday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a 471 page report faulting the Justice Department for grave and fatal errors in its handling of the “Fast and Furious” scandal, but cleared the Attorney General of responsibility.

Which makes sense.  If the leader of a country isn’t responsible for its demise, the leader of a government agency should be able to skate, too.

If nothing else, Democrats are consistent.