What he Mitt to say was....

So Mitt Romney is Thurston Howell III, as David Brooks so colorfully noted.

He is also a mean-spirited elitist who thinks that 47% of the country, the part that doesn't pay taxes or gets some kind of public benefit, is lazy.

He gets his ascot in a twist when he thinks of the unwashed masses sitting at home on subsidized couches eating subsidized potato chips in front of subsidized wide-screens.

And not only that, he waits till he's behind closed doors with the other robber barons to say these things.

This would be the picture you'd get from reading all of the media guys having a Viagra moment over Romney's latest 'gaffe.'  I put that in quotes because one Rachel's gaffe is another Rush's truth.

The answer lies somewhere between what Mitt Romney said, and what the liberal media are saying he said.

Romney made the point that this has become an entitlement society where people not only expect the government to help, they are angered when it doesn't.  Not only that, they don't even have the good grace to be grateful for something that, quite frankly, the American taxpayer doesn't have an obligation to provide.

Like, for example, free healthcare.

Like, for example, free breakfasts.

Like, for example, endless weeks of unemployment compensation.

The problem with Americans, at least in my view, is that they've lost sight of two important qualities:  humility, and gratitude.

So the government is going to make these benefits available to you, fine (well, not fine but under President Obama it seems inevitable)

At least, then, be grateful.  Don't expect this as your birthright, as your reward for breathing.

And next time, don't go snooping behind someone else's closed doors, or you might hear some uncomfortable truths.

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