Liberal Misogyny

Last week, after I wrote about my intention to register as a Republican, I received some interesting feedback from the “People” of the “People Paper.”  While a few of the emails were supportive, 99% of the comments were similar to this one:


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Some fellows just don't like women

“In your rush to change your registration, don’t spill your Starbucks latte on your new Jimmy Choo shoes…you are a shining example of the type of fool the RNC is trying to capture at this year’s Convention. Congratulations!”

Aside from the fact that I shop at Payless (unlike, I would surmise, Nancy Pelosi,) I find it interesting that a woman who supports the Republican party is automatically pegged as rich..and, of course, one Jimmy Choo short of a pair.

And then there was the fellow who, very politely, wondered why a woman (a woman!) could vote for those heartless conservatives since "there were no minorities in the audience" at the RNC.

 I suppose that since the liberals have started to treat women-and-minorities as the Siamese Twins of victimhood, I shouldn’t be surprised.


And then there was the guy who lumped me in with the “flag waving hypocrites,” making sure to get in a totally irrelevant dig about Antonin Scalia and Citizens United.  Perhaps he remembered I'm Italian, and just decided to kill two birds (lady, paisan) with one stone.


But the big daddy was the fellow who not only dipped into the realm of misogyny but displayed some actual pathology:


“Here you are…falling for the oldest trick in the book that the Republicans trotted out on stage…see, they said, we like women, we like Hispanics etc.  Meanwhile in the back rooms I’m sure the hookers of Tampa made a tidy sum on their knees...Please get help!”

And so it was that Bob, Keith, Ray, and Bob showed me that it’s not just the editorialists who have a low opinion of conservative women.

They just get paid for having it.