And then came Ann...

Ann Romney did what she needed to do on Tuesday night.  She stood there, a warm and smiling blonde trailing sunshine, and wowed the crowd.  

Unlike Sarah Palin, who arrived like an Alaskan Amazon and aimed sharp arrows at unseen opponents, Ann was gentle.

Unlike Cindy McCain who was an icy mannequin in the mold of a Hitchcock heroine, she melted hearts.

Mitt’s wife may not have been the most polished of speakers with her cheerleader cry of “I love you women!” but her message was clarion clear:  A man who can love me is not the sterile robot depicted by the liberals.

Here was evidence that the GOP nominee has a lover’s heart.  As photos of their youthful encounters flashed on the screen behind her, Ann Romney unraveled the story of her decades long marriage and journey with the man who wants to unseat Barack Obama.

She gazed lovingly at the tribe sitting in front of her, five sons, their wives, and children.

She talked about trivial things that, in the end, aren’t all that trivial:  the private life of a man who has a very hard time revealing himself, even to those with good intentions (which would be anyone not employed by MSNBC)

Ann Romney did a great service to her husband, in letting us see him-for a relatively brief moment-through her loving eyes.  Much like Laura Bush who was grace personified, she had the difficult task of being a bridge between the man who wants to govern, and those who will be governed, a bridge that stretches across waters troubled by fear, lies, and desperation.

It wasn’t a speech for the ages.  But to my mind, it was enough.