Newsweek does it again!

As I’ve written before, I’m no big fan of Newsweek.  They have a history of doing hatchet jobs on conservatives, putting female politicians on the cover and making them look like porn stars (as in Sarah Palin) or straight-jacketed psychos (as in Michelle Bachman.)  They’ve put halos on Obama when he supports gay marriage, from which we can infer that only the satanic oppose Adam and Steve.  And they called Mitt Romney a wimp (that was before he made the rather daring choice of Paul Ryan for a running mate.)

In other words, Newsweek is nowhere near a bastion of journalistic excellence, in my humble opinion.

However, I had to smile a little this week when my mailman handed me a copy of the current issue.  There, on the cover, was a flattering photo of Barack Obama with the caption “Hit the Road, Barack.”  The cover story by Harvard history professor Niall Ferguson draws a negative picture of our Commander in Chief, particularly with respect to the Affordable Care Act and the damage it’s likely to do to the economy.

That was enough to send Paul Krugman, who we all know is a Nobel-winning economist and New York Times fabulist, into cardiac arrest.  Krugman’s attack was high on venom and short on rationality, even though his fans in the liberal intelligentsia were quick to echo his views that Ferguson was an “unethical” creep.

Take heart  Sarah, Michelle, and Mitt.  I’m sure there’s a Nobel winner out there ready to slay dragons for all of you, too.