Hummingbirds and Abortion

A hummingbird flaps its gossamer wings in Thailand and there’s a tsunami somewhere off the East Coast of the United States.  That’s what we’ve always been told, that one small and relatively insignificant act can cause a cataclysmic reaction.

Of course, the people at the Komen Foundation would probably deny that they were swamped with a tidal wave over their decision, later reversed, to withhold funding from Planned Parenthood because it was under a congressional investigation about shady abortion dealings at some of their centers.

They would maintain that they’re perfectly fine at Pink Ribbon Central, and that all of the hullabaloo was nothing more than a temper tantrum in a teapot, the tantrums being thrown primarily by abortion rights supporters who were shocked, shocked, that an organization that advocates for women’s health would also have a conscience when it comes to the health of unborn women.

But  actually, they’re drowning in the disdain of a pro-choice public that sees any attempt to limit a woman’s right to choose as, if you will, antediluvian.  In other words, they’re all wet.

First, they had to backtrack and pay tribute to the screaming feminist hoards by restoring funding.

Then, they had to deal with a significant decrease in participation in their eponymous “Race for the Cure.”

And now comes word that the President and Founder of the organization will  both be stepping down from their positions, casualties of a public relations catastrophe that shows just how powerful abortion supporters are in this so-called pluralistic society.

Same thing happened when pro-choicers made sure that the merger between Holy Redeemer and Abginton hospital would be deep-sixed over fears that women would have to travel a whole three or four extra miles to get an abortion.

Who knew hummingbirds were pro-choice?

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