Religious Freedom, 1 for 2

August 1st was a mixed bag for the First Amendment.

On the one hand you had mobs of people lining up to get their chicken cutlets in a communal flipping of the, um, bird to those like Councilman Jim Kenney who think that religion isn't as important as political correctness.  The people at Chik Fil A must have been thrilled to see how the attacks on their President compelled the rank and file consumer/citizen to stand up for freedom of thought, worship and fast food.

But it wasn't all a tribute to the Founders.  On that same day, Obamacare's birth control mandate went into effect, meaning that organizations affiliated with religions that oppose such symbols of 'reproductive health' will be forced to either close their doors, pay a hefty fine or in the alternative, violate their core beliefs.

Here's to batting .500.