What a crock-a-doodle-doo

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A gay, er, happy chicken

Kids being murdered in the streets (and apparently, in their living rooms given what happened this week in Overbrook.)  Firefighters and police officers under siege (and not just by the city’s editorial boards.)  Small business owners, the kind that apparently aren’t responsible for their own success (according to a relatively well-connected politico in DC) are fleeing Philly.

But what is Jim Kenney worried about?  Something that the New York Times calls “A Southern-fried chicken sandwich on a soft white bun with a couple of pickle slices.”  Yes, that’s right folks.  Our esteemed councilman has jumped the shark (or the cutlet) and has fired off a letter to Dan Cathy, president of Chik Fil A,  to let him know that his poultry is paltry and he’s not welcome in the City of Brotherly Vegans.

Kenney, like many in the LGBT community he panders to, er, represents, are angry that Cathy opposes same sex marriage, and has given a lot of money to defeat legalizing initiatives around the country.   So he used some of that free time he gets as a council member and gave Cathy an earful.

It’s doubtful Cathy cares.  His business will continue to flourish despite calls from Roseanne Barr and others like her who think his patrons (myself included) should all contract cancer.  And yes, people do have the right to criticize a man who is simply expressing his religious beliefs, unpopular as they might be, in a public forum. 

But it is a little annoying that in a city that has a lot more on its plate than a breaded filet, a public servant thinks this is important, especially when there are so many other legitimate things that cry out for attention (like lawsuits against the Boy Scouts.)

Kind of bird-brained,  if you ask me.