Boy Scouts and Bullies

Everyone has their neckties in a square knot because...surprise...the Boy Scouts reiterated this week that openly gay boys and Scout Masters are barred from membership.  It's not exactly unexpected, especially in the Philadelphia, the city that has waged a legal crusade against the local Cradle of Liberty chapter for refusing to buck the national anti-gay policy.

Oh, did I say anti-gay?  Pardon me, I meant the Scouts' "kids don't need to announce their sexual orientation to be able to roast marshmallows" policy.  The truth is that the only people who really care about the sexuality of a child are the adults who care about the validation of their own sexual orientation. 

It's interesting to note that the city was urged to file suit, and then file an appeal when it lost that suit, by a group of highly-connected gay and lesbian lawyers and other professionals who think it's important to make the Boy Scouts (and the Catholic Church, for that matter) bow to their politically correct heels.

It's nice to see that the national organization refused to be forced into embracing values it had every right as a private organization to reject. 

I guess you could call it their own anti-bullying campaign.

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