You can't hurry justice

Why do I get the impression that people are annoyed because the jury in the Catholic church sex abuse scandal hasn’t arrived at a verdict?  Perhaps it's the fact that the judge seems impatient at all of the issues raised for clarification.  Perhaps it's the fact that one of the defense attorneys made the rather petulant comment that he had done his job, the prosecutors had done their job, the judge had done her  job so ‘they’ (presumably the 12 good Philadelphians) should do ‘their’ job.

The fact is, there is no egg timer in the room with those jurors.  They aren’t doing a relay where you need to top someone else’s best time.  You can’t expect them to simply render a boilerplate decision after eleven weeks of trial and countless months of pre-trial publicity.

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WhaT's the rush?

It annoys me that this whole “I want it now, or yesterday” mentality has seeped so deeply into our culture that we now display anger at serious citizens who are simply trying to do justice.  I’m sure some people would like it better if this were one of those Nancy Grace specials with up-to-the-minute newsflashes and a digital clock on the screen ticking away the deliberation minutes.

But this is life.  To be more specific, this is numerous lives, including those of the defendants and the alleged victims.  I think we should all just back off and let the jury do the job they were sworn to do, and not keep snapping our fingers like petulant and exasperated children.

Justice isn’t a mouse click away.

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