Atheists are not angels

Don't anger the atheists and the agnostics, if you know what's good for you. They bite.

I'm not saying that everyone who worships The Great Nothing or The Grand Maybe has a bad attitude.  Some of them can accept criticism without getting their hackles up.  Others, like my sister-in-law, simply put their fingers in their ears when they hear the word "God" and go "la, la, la" until the existential threat level is reduced.

But judging from the reaction to my recent Good Friday column on faith, some people don't take kindly to being told others cherish their beliefs in the infinite and have no intention of hiding their lights under a politically correct bushel.

Here is a representative cross-section of the emails I received in response to what one person called my "homophobic, bigoted and arrogant" battle cry:

(Note: I would have concealed the identities of the writers to protect them, but since none of them had the courage to actually sign their names, this was unnecessary)

-I am really tired of your religion. Nothing worse than stupid people talking about some god they know and what god wants.  You know nothing.  I would like to take your god and shove him up your ass.

-I must have missed your column on atheists molesting children.

-Oh, Crissy, stop your rambling..see what a mess you made...wipe that diarrhea still dribbling out of your mouth.

To be fair, one or two writers managed to send sensible responses that called me misguided (spelled a-r-r-o-g-a-n-t) for presuming that you couldn't have a strong moral foundation and respect for others if you didn't believe in God.

And perhaps they're right about the strong moral foundation part.

As for the 'respect for others' part, I'll let my inbox do the talking.