I'm with Timoney

I believe a person has a right to defend himself against an imminent threat to his  safety.

I believe a person needs to feel safe in their home (which should actually be a 'home' and not an undefined area beyond the front door)

I believe that anyone who shoots in self-defense needs to prove that there was a real, and not simply a subjective, "I really felt like I was in danger" sense that their bodily integrity was threatened.

I believe that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right, per Heller.

I believe that there are limits to that right, just as there should be limits to the right to abort a child (and as per Planned Parenthood v. Casey, there can be, thank God...few rights are absolute)

I believe that the law in Florida is an exceptionally bad one, and that there is no justification for such a broadly-written mandate to "stand your ground"

And now,  I'm glad to see that John Timoney believes it too.

I wish he were still here.

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