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The Great One

Last night was like Christmas Eve all over again.  Who could imagine an event that made both institutional conservatives  (read “moderates”) who never have a good thing to say about their socially conservative brethren, and patronizing liberals equally apoplectic.


The people of Mississippi and Alabama, that’s who.


Rick Santorum, the man who lost by one of the largest historical margins in history six short years ago has roared back onto the national stage.  Some have compared him to those zombies that never die, rising back up even after you’ve stuck the electoral knife through their jugular.  Others have tried to paint the people who actually vote for him in these primaries as pathetic throwbacks to a simpleton, er, simpler time.  If it were an M. Night Shyamalan movie, the hero would be saying “I see redneck people…”


No one expected Santorum to win both of those Deep South primaries, especially not Newt Gingrich who definitely knows his grits, or Mitt Romney who probably had a coonskin cap as a kid, only his was made of sable.


And liberals pretend to be really happy about Rick’s surprising resilience, because they like a “Santorum v. Obama” narrative that ends in a Democratic blowout in November.


Well, that is a possibility.  But there’s also a strong probability that people who are so disgusted with our current president and his policies (subsidized birth control, a cut in medical benefits to veterans, less than wholehearted support for Israel, gas prices soaring, a refusal to mine our own natural resources for energy) will simply bite the bullet and vote for his opponent, whoever that might be.

It may not be Rick.  This might only be a temporary vacation at the top spot.  But I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


And to paraphrase the Great One, Jackie Gleason, how sweet it is.