A War on Whinin'

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The Fall of the Alamo

According to Councilwoman Cindy Bass, there’s a war on women.

Only I haven’t seen any shrapnel.

Apparently, the GOP (and even some of those pesky Catholic Democrats) are going after the ladies, trying to enslave us with chastity belts and destroying our reproductive ‘freedom’ a/k/a the freedom not to have to pay for our own birth control.

Not to mention, of course, our right to be spared the inconvenient truth of what it is we are actually aborting.

It’s like women are manning the Alamo, and Santorum Anna is storming the gates.


Those of us who are actually proud to be bona fide social conservatives are smart enough to know when we’re being played by the special interest groups like NOW, Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List.  Just because someone is dangling a free IUD in front of our eyes doesn’t mean they’ll win our political devotion.


These ‘experts’ seem to think women vote in lockstep, listening to the mandate of our vaginas over considerations that involve other parts of the anatomy, including our brains which have no gender. It’s more than a little demoralizing to think that if you even broach the subject of abortion, birth control, ultrasounds and pink ribbons,  you’d better follow that pre-approved script, the one where the only acceptable sound bites involve the words ‘choice,’ ‘anti-choice’ and ‘clueless celibate men.’


You can’t, like Rick Santorum did, reference the fact that ultrasounds are often used to detect birth defects which ultimately end in the ‘defective’ child being aborted.


You shouldn’t, like Sarah Palin,  talk about how much you love your little boy with Downs Syndrome because it might make other women feel uncomfortable about deciding to end their own troublesome pregnancies.

 Stay away from anything that sounds judgmental, because we ladies are so sensitive about those things, right? 

  As I noted elsewhere, I was recently involved in a radio debate with a woman who was decidedly from the other side of the culture war.  She couldn’t seem to believe that I was able to function off of a respirator, given that I must have been born in 1861.  That’s because I didn’t agree that pre-abortion vaginal ultra sounds were just the Virginia version of rape, or that Rick Santorum was not an anagram for “Satan.”  Actually, she spent half of the debate trying not to laugh in evident disbelief that I thought religion has a place in the public domain, and told me “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.”  (I wonder what her reaction would have been if I’d said “And if you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one.” )


Some people are apoplectic that the GOP candidates are actually talking about social issues.  They’re supposed to be focusing on Q’ran burnings in Afghanistan, unemployment rates, deficit reductions, balanced budgets and peace in the Middle East.  Keep that eye on the prize of the presidency, and don’t get tangled in controversies that were settled decades ago, when the Left imposed its own secular “freeocracy” on the country.


To hear those pundits, we women just want those candidates to shut up about our bodies, and move on to something more important.  


Except, that’s the great irony.  Those who want to shut off the conversation about abortion and other social controversies are really saying that women are simplistic, one-issue voters who care primarily about our own biological freedoms and won’t even consider you as a candidate unless you fit a pre-approved profile. 


Well, judging from my own experience, there are enough of us out here who don’t take orders from NARAL. 


And we vote, too.