Crimson Pride

So there’s a group at Harvard that wants to posthumously award diplomas to students who were expelled in the 1920s on suspicion of being gay.

Really?  First, we have hate crime legislation that values minority victims over the average white guy who gets mugged.

Now, we have séance matriculations?  What’s it all about, Ivy?

Seriously, this has gone way too far.  It’s understandable that people would be angry that some ‘suspected’ homosexuals were wrongfully excluded from the august halls of Cambridge because, as Lady Gaga says, they were “born this way.”  To our 21st century society where it’s “Gay Pride” not “Gay Hide” and the Boy Scouts have become Public Enemies No. 1, the fact that these students were ostracized is tantamount to a crime.  At the very least, it’s immoral.

But to actually award the ghosts of these poor souls diplomas is not only an exercise in agitprop, it’s an insult to every person who actually sweated their way through the Crimson curriculum.  How do we know those fellows wouldn’t have flunked out or transferred?  Shall we also award diplomas to the thousands of women who would have applied to Harvard, if they could have, but didn’t because it barred the ladies until the 1970s?

And what about the fellows who were killed in action in World War II and couldn’t take advantage of the GI Bill, the prospective foreign students who died in the Irish Famine, the Italian and Chinese-American students who weren’t even allowed to apply because they didn’t fit the WASP profile?  Do they get some consideration too?

We all need to get a grip.  Bigotry is wrong.  But saying you’re sorry to corpses is useless since, as Thomas Jefferson said, “the earth belongs to the living, not the dead.”