Crying Rape

It really is amazing the length to which some people (spelled “w-o-m-e-n”) will go to when they want to make a point.

We saw that a few weeks ago when Planned Parenthood threw its hissyfit about (temporarily) losing funding from the Susan J. Komen foundation and blamed it on right-wing politics.

We saw it a short time later when reproductive-rights advocates (that should cover the pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-celibacy triumvirate) attacked the Catholic Church for asserting its First Amendment rights in refusing to subsidize birth control for its employees.

And we saw it last week in Virginia, when the ladies and their commiserating gents rose up in anger at the prospect of a law which required pre-abortion ultrasounds.  Only they didn’t talk about “pre abortion ultrasounds.” They used a word that puts an end to every debate, every discussion, every good faith attempt to arrive at some legitimate common ground.

They cried “rape.”

Yes, the women who were so angry that the State of Virginia would force them to undergo a procedure which may or may not have been medically necessary but which violated their right to erect a no-trespass zone around the uterus made sure to redefine it as ‘rape’ because the proposed act would be conducted against the woman’s will.

I understand that reasonable minds disagree on whether a woman should be forced to undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion.  I happen to think that a state is fully justified in forcing a mother to face the reality of what she is doing and acknowledge that the thing in her body is not simply a mass of indistinguishable, fungible cells but, rather, incipient humanity.  Yes, she probably already knows what it is.  But given the choice between annoying the woman, and the possibility that a life might be saved, I'd err on the side of life.

Clearly, not everyone agrees with me. 

But what I don’t like is the hyperbole employed by reproductive-rights activists who think that shock tactics are fine as long as they come from their side of the fence.  God forbid Rick Santorum should give a dignified funeral to his son Gabriel, who died only two hours after being born to loving parents.  That’s sick and scary.

But calling legislators rapists because we disagree with them? That’s perfectly normal.