An Exceptional Journalist


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Nell McCormack Abom

Nell McCormack Abom is an exceptional journalist.  An Emmy winner, a member of former Governor Ridge’s press corps and a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Ithaca College, she has worked at numerous media outlets across the nation, including her native Philadelphia.


Aside from her family, I’d wager she’s proudest of one of her earliest accomplishments:  serving as Class President for Merion Mercy Academy’s Class of 1979 (thanks, Nell, great job by the way.)


Currently, Nell hosts a public affairs program on WITF called SmartTalk.  It’s not available in the Philadelphia area, but Philly’s loss is Central Pennsylvania’s gain.  SmartTalk is one of those programs that make you feel smarter just having been in the viewing audience.


A recent episode dealt with the controversy over the health care bill and its mandate that contraceptives be covered by all insurance policies, even those purchased and managed by religious employers.  For anyone who wants to see how the Fourth Estate is supposed to conduct itself on hot button issues, take a look.


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