Muslims in America, Take 2

Some people took issue with yesterday’s blog post about the ‘persecution’ of Muslim Americans.  And not just the usual commentators who hate the Catholic church so much they will praise the devil to show it disrespect.  Anyone with a marginally functional brain sees through their rhetoric, and moves on.

But there are some critics who have legitimate grievances, and one of them was a gentleman who sent me the following in an email:

While your claims about foreign Christians may be true, that doesn't change the fact that Christians aren't persecuted in the US and enjoy a dominant position in the American political sphere. If Obama were President of the World he may have been inclined to consider Christians a persecuted people, yet he is only the leader of a nation that arguably has one of the lowest rates of Christian persecution in the world. 

I agree to some extent with that poster, although he only needs to google “Christian” near “persecution” or check the State Department website at to know that my claims about foreign Christians are true.  Nonetheless, he is correct that Christians are not persecuted in the US.  But neither are Muslims.  And I bow to no one in my respect for those of the Muslim faith who are law-abiding and critical of the radical members of their faith.  At the risk of sounding like a caricature, some of my best friends are Muslim, including the many men and women I’ve been privileged to represent in my immigration practice over the years.

But that doesn’t excuse Marwan Kreidie’s attempt to find some correlation between anger at the violation of First Amendment rights of Christians, and the particular condition of Muslims in this country who have it better than their siblings in any other part of the world (including Muslim majority nations which are generally not known for their tolerance and pluralism.)  Kriedie’s oped was an  example of political correctness run amok.  Trying to score political points at the expense of someone else’s controversy is highly ineffective.

And he couldn’t get away with writing it anywhere but here.  Gotta love the irony.