Hey, don't you know that only Muslims can be victims?

Marwan Kreidie is angry. How dare any religion other than Islam claim persecution?  Haven’t we already decided that only Muslims can be victims of discrimination and abuse?

The thing that raised Kreidie’s ire, as he expressed in today’s Inquirer, is the fact that the Catholic bishops had the audacity to advocate for their right to religious freedom under the First Amendment by not having to subsidize birth control, sterilization and abortifacents for employees.

I mean, Catholics in particular, and Christians in general, aren’t a persecuted minority, right?

Reality check, Mr. Kreidie.  Muslims are not being massacred in the United States.  But my brothers and sisters in Christ are being muzzled, mutilated and murdered in majority Muslim countries.  Churches are burned in Nigeria, while worshippers try and escape the flames.  Catholics are assassinated in Kenya, by a Muslim sect that calls us infidels.  Christians are forced to go underground in China, and Coptics fear the Brotherhood in Egypt.


You tell me, Mr. Kreidie, just who has to worry about losing their rights, or their lives?