They, the People

I could get all tragic about how the Susan J. Komen foundation caved to pressure, and showed that instead of a vertebral column, they have in its place a flexible pink ribbon (a twisted one, at that)

I could call them cowards for caving into pressure from the fiendishly clever and media savvy abortionistas out there, who are so desperately tied to their reproductive 'right' that they will make sure they destroy anyone or anything that stands in their way.

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Founding father Madison

Yes, I could do those things.

But I won't.  Because I also happen to believe that the people have a right to exert pressure, raise their voices, and effect social change.

I wrote a whole column about it today, concerning same sex marriage and how the people should vote on whether to change centuries of tradition.  Or not.

That's how democracy works.  So even while I feel like running to the bathroom to give my toilet my opinion of how the ladies in the pink ribbons caved to overwhelming pressure from the organization that began as a way to sterilize undesirables, I will just chalk this one up to democracy.

Because even we the people have the right to be wrong.