Planned Parenthood on the Warpath

Margaret Sanger was a very unpleasant lady, someone who thought that black women, the mentally retarded and pretty much everyone else who wasn't lilly-white (no immigrants, either) and well-off needed to be sterilized.  Apparently, she wasn't fond of parents who planned in the 'hood, if you get my drift.

But her organization has tried to be kindler, and gentler, and convince everyone that they care about all women.

Well, the claws are out.  They only really care about women who agree with their philosphy of 'less is more' (i.e. the less babies, the more satisfied we'll be as a nation)

And when they are faced with a loss of funding, and a loss of face, they go ballistic.

As Jeffrey Taranto writes in the Wall Street Journal, Maggie's descendants are waging a public relations war against the Susan J Komen foundation, because-as I noted earlier-SJK is cutting off ties with a group that has quite possibly violated federal law (of course, we're all innocent until proven guilty.)

Stand strong, SJK.  Planned Parenthood is showing its true colors...Pink Warpaint.