Now I'm really feeling in the pink

I don’t know how I got on their mailing lists, but somehow, all of the abortion rights groups in the Delaware Valley have decided to email and demand that I write to the Susan J Komen Foundation and protest their decision to essentially ‘defund’ Planned Parenthood.  That’s what happens, I suppose, when you put your address at the bottom of a newspaper column.

My first instinct was to delete, rinse, repeat.  But I was interested in seeing how the other side views the Komen decision to sever its relationship with the country’s single largest supplier of abortion services by withholding any future grant monies.  It wasn’t pretty.

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One of the emails exhorted me to go on the Komen Facebook page and leave comments in protest of the decision.  So I went to the website last night, and read all sorts of ‘Chicken Little’ posts like “I will NEVER donate to you again, will never wear a pink ribbon, will never run in a race, will never even WEAR pink.”

Someone needs to up their Xanax prescription.

Yes, you can be passionate about breast cancer and its prevention and treatment.  Anyone who is ‘anti’ needs to have their heads examined, in addition to their mammaries.  I've known too many dear friends and relatives who have struggled with the disease.

But supporting breast cancer research and women’s health in general does not mean that you have to support all of the organizations that provide analogous health services…particularly those like Planned Parenthood who not only provide abortions, they are among the loudest voices in support of keeping the procedure ‘safe, legal’ and not all that rare.

The Komen foundation withdrew its financial support because its newly-adopted guidelines limit the organizations it can be connected with. Those which are under congressional investigation, like Planned Parenthood, don’t make the cut. 

I applaud Komen for standing up for women, including those who have not yet made it through the birth canal.  While I doubt that was their principal motivation, the ends certainly justified the means in this case.

And to those who will scream about how breasts are apolitical and that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be forced to suffer because of those crazy, loud-mouthed ‘anti-choicers,’ don’t worry.  I’m sure that the crazy, loud-mouthed ‘pro-abortionists’ will dig into their own pockets and donate to Planned Parenthood instead of Komen.

Ain’t choice grand?