?uestlove may be hip, but he could take a few lessons in class

I probably shouldn't take seriously anyone who starts his name with a question mark.  I mean, even when Prince exhanged roman numerals for that bizarre "The artist formerly know as" symbol, he kept it simple and ditched the letters.

But I couldn't let what Philly's troubador did this week slip by without comment.  As pretty much everyone who pays attention to these things knows by now, Mr. Love and the other Punctuation Marks that make up his group are the  house band for Jimmy Fallon's late night show.

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Fallon hosted Michelle Bachmann as a guest Monday night.  She did a great job parrying with the host and showing she is not only witty, but has her wits about her.

The problem wasn't the host.  It was the band, which introduced the presidential candidate with the song "Lyin' A-- Bitch."

I have no problem with people making fun of Michelle Bachmann.  She sometimes brings it on herself, as does President Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barney Frank, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Herman Cain and a host of other luminaries.

But this was misogyny, the kind that gets lobbed at certain women, mostly conservative, mostly attractive.  (Nancy Pelosi is the only liberal female I know of who gets the same kind of treatment from her political opponents.)

If Mr. Question Mark thinks he gained any points on the "Hip Meter" with that stunt, he's wrong.  If anything, he's a classless, albeit talented, boor.