A Rational Perspective from the West Coast

I received over one hundred emails this past week in response to my piece on the Penn State scandal.  Some were caustic and used the type of language I'm becoming accustomed to (no more than four letters per word, if you get my drift.)  There were some that couldn't believe the Grand Jury report was inaccurate in any respect, some who wrote very cogent legal treatises about why Paterno is guilty, some who said they were Penn State alums and crushed at the media bulldozing of an icon.

But one of the best emails I received was from a woman who sent me a link to another editorial, one written by her son out at Cal Poly, who shows that young people are not all crazed and wild eyed rioters as portrayed on the front page of this newspaper a few days ago (whose the front page editor?..memo to self, find out)

Anyway, this young man has  a solid future in journalism.  And a solid future as a person of integrity.  Thanks to his mom Tracy for sharing this.

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