Muslim students at Catholic U, an update

My earlier blog on the incident at Catholic University came to the attention of the university's administration.  They are upset at the impression being created in the media that it is the Muslim students at the University who are alleging so-called religious discrimination.

As some, including TonyB have noted, there is little evidence that the students themselves are annoyed at the treatment they are receiving at this fine university.  And I have been contacted by the Associate Vice President for Public Affairs, Victor Nakas, requesting that I emphasize this particular fact.

And so, in the interest of fairness and transparency, here is the note from Mr. Nakas.  I am glad that the Muslim students appear to be happy with their treatment at a school that respects the rights of all individuals, Catholic or not.  I would note, however, that the fundamental principle remains: no religious school should be obligated to accomodate those of another creed if, in doing so, they are forced to turn their backs on their own.  I am happy to see that the student body at Catholic University is not as narrow-minded and desperate for attention as a misguided professor.

Dear Ms. Flowers,

 I wanted to be sure you saw the notice below from Catholic University’s president about allegations that Muslim students at the University have complained  of experiencing “illegal discrimination” at the hands of the University. The facts are otherwise. Our Muslim students have not lodged a single protest against Catholic University and are being unfairly blamed. This controversy has been manufactured by an outsider. For a factual account of what has happened, we are reprinting a statement issued Friday afternoon by University President John Garvey below. You may also find the following of interest:


 Victor Nakas

Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

The Catholic University of America