Susan Sarandon is a boob...two, actually

I used to like Susan Sarandon the “Ac-TRESS.”  You know, the serious “THES-pian” who did an amazing job as Sister Helen Prejean in “Dead Man Walking,” an interesting piece of propaganda against capital punishment (I didn’t appreciate the message, but she was grand, nonetheless.)  She was also amazing in Bull Durham (both of her,) and nabbed a boyfriend of almost two decades in the process. And of course, I loved Rocky Horror Picture Show, where virginal Janet (boy was that not typecasting) sings and swings with the best of them.

But as a person, Sarandon never struck me as particularly intelligent. She said all of the right things for Hollywood (which of course were as far to the left as you could get,) and didn’t sound like a fill-in from Jersey Shore (not all Italian women think the plural of ‘you’ takes an ‘s’) but her ability to treat opposing views with respect was woefully lacking.  That, to me, is a sign of stupidity.

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An inflated sense of self

(And yes, it’s not just a liberal flaw.)

But Susie Q took the cake when she called Pope Benedict a Nazi the other day.  While it is true that the Catholic Prelate was, for a brief time as a child, a member of the Hitler Youth, it is also true that he soon left the group putting both himself and his devout Catholic family at great risk.

Calling anyone a “Nazi” says more about the slanderer than the target of their ire, but in the case of Sarandon, it’s particularly telling.  This is a woman who waxes poetic about human rights, women’s rights, tree rights (that’s environmentalism, for those who were wondering) and tolerance of all God’s children.  But she finds it acceptable to defame a good man, one who has done considerably more to promote world peace than an over-the-hill-actress who has a rather inflated (ahem) sense of self.

If you ask me, Tim Robbins is lucky to be rid of her.