The eagle has landed

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They look as clueless as those other birds in the red zone


I waited almost twenty four hours before writing this.  I wanted some time to clear my head, organize my thoughts and check my bearings.  But even after a good night's sleep, a delicious breakfeast muffin, three SEPTA buses and counting to one hundred, I still can't shake the conviction that I had at 4:01 pm yesterday:

Reid must go.

I know that there will be people who'll say that it's not all his fault.  He's not the one who threw four interceptions.  He's not the one who thought it was a good idea to jump forward on 4th and 1.  He's not the one who greased Jason Avant's hands with Crisco.

But actually, he is.  The blame falls on Andy Reid's shoulders, and it's been building up for years. His decision to make Juan Castillo the defensive coordinator must have had Jim Johnson spinning in his grave.  His naive belief that buying some big name players would elevate his team to the 'dream' level now looks like the Nightmare on Broad Street.  His smug refusal to engage with the fans and the media look, to me, like cowardice.

Reid always says that he takes responsibility for the losses.  Okay, then, Andy, take it all the way.  Resign. Now.

And can we please get Mr. Gruden's cell phone number?