All that glitters is not Emma Goldman

Ah, Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, Citadel of all things Left of Center.

Well, not exactly.

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Emma Goldman, scourge of the right

I know there’s this general sense among the natives that most Philadelphians are liberals (if not registered Democrats) and that the remaining .01% of the population can be excused as clinically brain dead.

So it’s not unusual to walk into your neighborhood Starbucks with the free trade coffee and the green (literally and figuratively) cups and expect that the people in line behind you are all fellow travelers.

That’s why I don’t fault the gentleman this morning for turning around to chat, while waiting for his skinny, half-caf, sugar free latte (his actual drink, I am not making this up for literary purposes,) and greeting me with “that GOP debate last night was like a round-up of the Howdy Doody show..” And he smiled at me, a woman, in Philly, at Starbucks.  A friend.

I smiled back.  And replied: “Actually, I think Romney did a fantastic job, even though I think he lacks the star power to put most Republicans at ease.  His recent job creation proposal, while somewhat rambling, was good.  Rick Perry is red meat for Tea Party conservatives and those who feel that capital punishment is a legitimate part of the criminal justice system, like me.  Michelle Bachmann had some very good responses to the gotcha questions on immigration, Ron Paul was kind of a non-entity and Rick Santorum is trying, but no one is really listening.  Herman Cain didn’t sing, which is probably a good thing. As far as Newt Gingrich, the man is brilliant, but he’s two elections too late.  I think the debate was great, and narrowed the field.  I’m looking forward to the next one.”

The poor man turned green (which is appropriate at Starbucks) and then white.  And then he just slinked away.

Moral of the story:  don’t judge a book by her Cover Girl.

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