Nature is one tough mother

Okay, I do not completely reject the proposition that man (and woman, don't forget her) has some effect on the climate.  I am somewhere between loony Al Gore and loony Rick Perry.  I think that we can take certain measures to ensure that we preserve the environment for future generations.

But, um, I hope those wackadoodles (I believe this is the technical term) who think that changing the type of light bulbs we use will have any appreciable effect on Mother Earth pay close attention this weekend, as Hurricane Irene pays us a visit.

As a very wise fellow makes clear, nature's gonna do what nature wants to do, and no amount of hand-wringing from we, the peanut gallery, is going to change that.  We are basically the little ribbons on the end of the kite, floating in the air and waiting for the winds to take us where they want.

Keep safe, all.

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