Criticizing Christine

My goodness, the liberal hacks are excited.  Christine O’Donnell (no relation….) has just come out with a book and, surprise!, everyone’s ready to call her a (1) liar (2) mental case (3) deadbeat and-depending upon who you talk to-(4) a witch.


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Christine O'Donnell

I expected this would happen.  Any time a real conservative female pops up on the radar screen (not the kind who pretend to be conservative so they can get on talk shows and then agree with 90% of what the proto-feminists think) she’s eviscerated by those she threatens.  That would include the mainstream media, which makes sure to take unflattering photos of presidential candidates and put them on the cover of Newsweek, late night talk show hosts who make comments about a former governor’s daughter that should set off an Amber Alert and members of the GOP establishment who don’t cotton to ladies who can’t keep their mouths shut in Delaware. 

I’m reading Christine O’Donnell’s book, and I find it to be well-written, engaging and informative.  I have no doubt that it’s also quite accurate, because O’Donnell must have known that the vultures would have been out fact-checking her statements with the usual ‘gotcha’ gusto if she managed to write fiction.


According to a recent story, they’ve been doing just that.   And, I might add, much to the delight of readers, who wrote comments like this (ah, the courage of the basement-dweller:)

 This woman is a mental case. Then again, a lying, disturbed, self-centered egotist is a model politician for the right.


And, ...just what is the purpose of this article?, ...or the book?, ...or O'Donnell, herself? PLEASE!!, ...Get Lost!!


Sadly enough, she's a typical Republican these days.


Another whackjob like Palin and Bachmann.

Bruno Sammartino

another member of Sarah and Michele



You don’t have to like her.  You don’t have to agree with her.  And you certainly don’t need to buy her book.  But you do need to give her the same respect you’d show to anyone who managed to storm the (Mike) Castle.