Crappy Meals?

Of the two head Obamas in the White House, Michelle seems to be the one who gets the best-and quickest-results.  While hubby struggles to convince Congress that raising taxes is an absolute necessity (and is coming to the realization that they’re not buying it,) the First Missus successfully convinced McDonald’s to add healthful changes to children’s Happy Meals.

 Now, the little ones will be munching on more celery and apple slices, and fewer French fries.  At least, that’s what the health nuts are hoping.

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Farewell, my lovely

 I get that child obesity is a problem (and as someone who was a very pudgy child forced to wear a neon orange bathing suit at camp, I believe it’s also a question of mental health.)

 But seriously, does anyone believe that cutting out a few French fries from an already skimpy carton and replacing them with “Things That Are Good For You” (as if salty, crackling hot potato slices aren’t) is going to make that much of a difference in Brittany and Brandon’s waistlines?

 Given my experience with the kind of kids who eat Happy Meals in the first place, they’re not the “Mmmmm, broccoli!” types.   They’re not stupid.  And they know when they’re being played.

 If you ask me, this isn’t going to end well.  And I sure hope those free plastic toys don’t have sharp edges…for Mom and Dad’s sake.


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