I love Marie Osmond

And now, for something completely different.

I love Marie Osmond.  There is not a sweeter, more genuine woman in show business.  She is talented, devout, has some brothers who like her (a feat in and of itself) and still plays with dolls (which makes collectors like myself feel hopeful that neither a straight jacket nor lots of cats are in our future.)

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With Mormons like this, no wonder they like polygamy...

She's also preternaturally youthful even though I know she's older than I am and must have some creaking bones, is a loving and beloved mother, has fabulous hair, can dance.

And has great teeth.

So when I heard that she got remarried, after having suffered some devastating setbacks over the past few years, I felt happy.  Really, really happy.

As in, this is someone who deserves-and has-God's grace.

Blessings to the bride.