Hey, why stop with abortion?

In an earlier post on the whiners at Planned Parenthood, someone made the brilliant observation that he/she had  no problem funding abortions since, well, let me let him/her tell you him/herself:


I'd rather my tax dollars pay for a welfare abortion than a welfare child for who knows how long. Thank you, Planned Parenthood, for the valuable service you provide to our country. Without them, the conservatives would be whining about having to pay even higher taxes.
— phillycc74

Interesting.  But I have a better solution.   If you want to quantify the value of life vs. finances that way, why don't we just sterilize any  woman currently on welfare.  That way, we don't even need to get into that moral thicket about 'when life begins.'  We make sure it doesn't, and cut the entitlement budget at the same time. 

Problem, among other things, fixed.

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