Happy Birthday, Justice!

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The one who started it all

Four years ago this week, one of the most notorious travesties of justice since the Scottsboro Boys case was partially reversed.  As I wrote in Friday's column, the North Carolina Attorney General acquitted three Duke Lacrosse players of rape, calling them 'actually innocent.'  It happened on April 11, 2007, over a year (and a trip through hell) after the boys were indicted.

In my column, I focused primarily on Crystal Gail Magnum, the stripper who decided crying rape was a good career move.  She was never prosecuted for any crime in connection with the case (although she has since tried to kill several boyfriends through stabbing and arson.  Lovely lady, that one.)

Mangum elicited a lot of sympathy from the type of people who usually think that bigotry is only a one-way street (namely, that victims come in only one color, and it isn't a lighter shade of pale.)

My conviction that reverse racism, even more than reverse sexism, was the real reason that the Duke students were legally lynched was confirmed by the following email I got from a concerned reader:

Yes I agree with you that Crystal Gail Magnum should be tried if the evidence can be proven that she lied.  In the same breath the percentage of the Crystal Gail Magnums’ out is society is much lower than,  “The privileged majority male” who has gotten away and continues to get away with violating woman just like Crystal Gail Magnum on a continual basis. 

I guess if we're in the business of presumptions and percentages, I'm free to assume that black strippers are more likely to falsely cry rape than other people?

Either presumption is an obscenity, and people who think the way my concerned reader do a lot more damage to society than rowdy college students.

Until we start looking at people without respect to their color, gender or bank account, we'll have a lot more tragedies, whether they come from Scottsboro or Durham.