Poor Pitiful Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a solvent as Microsoft.  According to a report from the Heritage Foundation (yes, I know it's conservative but you can't make up these numbers) the organization pulled in $388 million more than they spent on programs and services for the five year period between 2002 and 2005.  That was during the Bush administration, when the government wasn't exactly a friendly partner.

And then you have Planned Parenthood's chief executive, who gets a hefty salary of $337,000.00 a year, plus benefits.

So as I was saying, they're not exactly cutting coupons.

Which is why I have to laugh at the hue and cry being raised by the 'sky is falling' reproductive rights advocates out there who are outraged that the organization could lose its federal funding.

Poor pitiful ladies.  Forget the fact that they can't use federal money to directly fund abortions (they can do it indirectly, which is always a point overlooked by the critics.)  Why should our tax dollars be used to bolster an organization that is doing quite well with private endowments, and has enough rainy day dough to pay its president well over a quarter million a year?

Just wondering.