Farewell, Fatimah

Fatimah Ali and I did not always agree on things.  In fact, I'm pretty sure our world views are diametrically opposed on 90% of the issues, big, small and irrelevant, that make for good oped commentary.

But Fatimah is a professional, someone whose sense of justice formed the cornerstone of her writings.  I have more respect for her than for many of the conservatives out there who write without knowledge, only passion.

So I was very sad to read that today's column would be her last one for the Daily News.

The real reason that I will miss Fatimah is that she had courage.  It takes guts to come out and write a column that triggers hundreds of despicable jeers and slurs, and not back down.  I don't agree with the substance of  the so-called 'race war' op-ed, but I abhor the type of vitriol aimed at her personally.  Commenters on the web are often cowardly in their anonymity.  Fatimah was anything but a coward.

She was a strong voice at the paper, and she will be missed.




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