Chestnut Hill, roasting on an open fire....

There are an awful lot of people angry at Chestnut Hill College for firing Father Jim St. George.  They are under the incorrect impression that the school has an obligation to allow someone who disagrees with fundamental principles of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (not the do-it-yourself church of whatever) to teach theology. 

By that principle, David Duke, noted white supremacist, should have been allowed to teach history at Spellman College, a traditionally black university, right?

And Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, should be hired as director of communications for NARAL Pro Choice America, right?

Seriously, the critics need to get a grip.  The good father believes that celibacy is optional, women should be priests, and marriage is fine for the Roman Catholic clergy.  It's inevitable that those views will color his teaching of ethics and theology.

The school was right to fire him.

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