Grow up, Kravchuk

I understand that shoving a player is not the most effective way of inspiriging them to greatness (especially not these days, when most kids have been coddled by Mommy and Daddy to believe that they're inviolate specimens of perfection.)

I did see the video of John O'Connor manhandling Matt Kravchuk during practice at Holy Family, and I think he went overboard.  In this kindler, gentler era, you need to be careful about whose personal space you are invading, even in sports (Vince Lombardi is lucky he isn't coaching today, since he'd be facing felony assault charges...)

But as a lawyer, I can smell someone angling for a payday.  So Kravchuk's refusal to accept O'Connor's nationally-televised apology this morning can only be step three in his quest to file a civil suit against the coach (step one was going public, step two was hiring a lawyer)

Of course, you could also say that O'Connor's apology was an attempt to mitigate damages.  But I'm siding with the coach here.  He should have been suspended for a week, publicly reprimanded, and then the whole thing should be forgotten.  Kravchuk's journey to justice is starting to look more like a vendetta to me.

Call him for a foul.

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