Zac Efron's and Robert Pattison's Heartthrob Hair

GQ's logic would seem to run along these lines.

Hair has power. Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson have box-office power. Therefore, Zac's and Robert's hair have exponential powers?

The stylist(s) who thought that this lopsided souffle of a coif was attractive should try again. I guess the effect s/he was going for was post-coital birds' nest. Or son of Frankenstein. Rarely in the course of human -- or at least hairdo -- history has mousse and muss made such handsome youths look so...clownish. Not that I like the freaky friar combover bowl cut that Efron sports in "17 Again" any better. Still,  these cover-boy coifs may be the silliest movie-star hair since Carrie Fisher showed up wearing twin Danishes on her head as Princess Leia.

Thoughts on Efron and/or Pattinson? I think they may be the cutest sides of vealcake since Johnny Depp, who, like Efron, made his movie debut in a John Waters-inspired musical.