'You're dead, son; go get buried' and other movie put-downs

Tony Curtis (left) listens to Burt Lancaster in "Sweet Smell of Success": "You're dead, son. Go get buried."

Henry Hanrahan has compiled an eff-travaganza of a compilation video devoted to digs, kiss-offs and put-downs in movies. I would have posted the Youtube video, but it's strictly NSFW (not suitable for work) because of its emphasis on F- and S-word rebuffs.

Flickgrrl prefers more polish and less profanity in her ridicule, as in this denunciation of a treacherous frenemy in Patrice Leconte's Ridicule (1996): "Judas kept excellent company." And as in Burt Lancaster's kiss-off to Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success (1957): "You're dead, son. Go get buried."

While Hanrahan's compendium includes those amusing allusions to low birth:  "Your mother was a hamster! And your father smells of elderberries!" (Monty Python and the Holy Grail); "You son of a motherless goat!" (The Three Amigos), it is missing the classic girl-on-girl putdown (from Joan Blondell to Ruth Donnelly) in Footlight Parade: "As long as there's sidewalks, sweetheart, you'll  have a job!"

Among Flickgrrl's favorites that overlap with Hanrahan's: "To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!" (Jamie-Lee Curtis to Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda) and the zinger snapped by Jack Nicholson to a fan in As Good as it Gets who wonders how his writer invents such great female characters: " I think of a man and take away reason and accountability."

Among those that Hanrahan neglected: "You have sunk below the deepest layer of prehistoric frog [excrement] at the bottom of a New Jersey scum swamp" (Michael Douglas to Kathleen Turner in War of the Roses); and (read this in a French accent) "Sir, zee pigs have refused to find any more truffles until you leave!" (Steve Martin in Roxanne).

Flickgrrl's nomination for best putdown ever is from Mildred Pierce, where Eve Arden commiserates with Joan Crawford about her awful daughter, Veda: "Personally, Veda's convinced me that alligators have the right idea. They eat their young."

Your nominations?