The X Quantity of the Q (Likability) Factor

Unsurprisingly, the company that crunches the data on celebrity Q  -- the Q, if memory serves, stands for likability quotient -- tells us that the most-liked American celeb is Tom Hanks. (Hat tip: A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago.) A nickel to anyone who guesses the one female celeb who made the top 10. (And no, It's not Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Ellen De Generes, Julia Roberts or Oprah Winfrey.) Two Philadelphia-born luminaries, Will Smith and Bill Cosby, made the top 10.

What are the qualities that guarantee a high Q quotient? A high Q is a celeb that you want to have a drink with, not one that you want to sleep with. S/he needs to project approachability and simpatico. How would you define it? Your responses to the list?