The Return of Gordon Gekko?

Are you bearish or bullish on Oliver Stone's announcement that he's making a sequel to Wall Street, his 1987 film about how the greed-is-good creed leads to Very Bad Things? My kneejerk reaction was "WTF?" But I'm enjoying Michael Douglas lately (he's loosey-goosey funny as a playboy of Robert Evans vintage in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), and it might be fun to see him revisit the slimy character of Gordon Gekko (for which he won an acting Oscar, a feat his father, Kirk, never realized). If memory serves, at the end of Wall Street, Gekko was headed to prison. Will he emerge as a Bernie Madoff type? Shia LaBeouf, everyone's favorite idealistic manchild, is in talks to play Gekko's protege. Certainly, the national mood is receptive to a greed-is-bad film.

I liked it when Eddie Felson, Paul Newman's antihero of The Hustler, resurfaced some 25 years later in The Color of Money.  Thoughts? (Either on this particular sequel or sequels in general).  (Hat tip to Gary Kramer).