Rave Rechristens Bridge and Showcase at the Ritz

Say goodbye to The Bridge and to the Showcase at the Ritz Center. Rave Motion Pictures, the new operators, is rebranding both theaters.

On Friday, The Bridge Theater at 40th and Walnut will be rechristened. You may call it Rave Motion Pictures U Penn Theater. But I'll probably just call it The Rave. (Imagine it as a Rave without a mosh pit but with a media room.)

The Showcase at the Ritz Center (formerly the Ritz 16/Voorhees) will be officially known as Rave Motion Pictures Ritz Center 16.

For the time being, ticket prices will remain the same. (The $12.50 weekend ticket at the U Penn theater is the most expensive ducat in the eight-county region, where the average price for a Saturday night admission is $10.) "The price structure is under review, as are many other price points," says Jeremy Devine, corporate spokesman for Rave, the Dallas-based theater chain that acquired the six-screen Bridge and 16-screen Showcase from National Amusements last year.

"At the present time, [we are] planning to continue with mainstream product" at at Rave U Penn, says Devine.

Rave will continue programming arthouse fare on some of the screens at the Voorhees location. (Today five of the 16 screens have arthouse offerings: Chloe, The Ghost Writer, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Greenberg and When You're Strange.)

Soda drinkers should know that both theaters will serve Coca-Cola products.

What are the thoughts of the moviegoers who attend these theaters? Any suggestions you'd like Rave to entertain?