Oscar nominees Inception, The Kids Are All Right and Winter's Bone available On Demand

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar nominee for Winter's Bone, now available On Demand.

On the big screen, Avatar  takes you to planet Pandora. On the home screen, Avatar  takes you to planet Hokum. Because a big screen is immersive and no matter how large, your home screen is just another appliance in a room full of them,  ordinarily I never would recommend that you see a movie for the first time at home or (heaven forbid!) on laptop.We look up to the theater screen, down on our laptops or desktops. That tilt of the neck suggests the relative importance with which we hold the two kinds of screens.

But given the treacherous weather in the northeast and the fact that both Comcast and Verizon Fios are offering Oscar-nominated films such as Inception, The Kids Are All Right  and Winter's Bone  on their Video On Demand menus, if you need to play Oscar catch-up, this is a most convenient way. (For me, Inception is like Avatar, a movie best seen on a large screen with a great sound system for maximum impact.)

Both Comcast and Verizon are offering other statuette-season specials. Comcast's Oscar Films & More Collection has a number of past Oscar winners including Crash, Ray, Annie Hall and The Wrestler.  Verizon's And the Winner Is collection offersa list that includes Amadeus, Philadelphia, Moonstruck and Boys Don't Cry. (Gladiator is a title that overlaps both lists).

Do you play Oscar catch-up? What movies do you need to see? For you, what are the qualititaive differences betrween watching on the big screen and watching at home? Pluses? Minuses? Has it ever happened that watching a familiar movie on the home screen you felt something missing?