Marilyn Chambers 1952--2009

Marilyn Chambers, the Meg Ryan of X-rated film, was found dead by her daughter in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita Sunday. The demure-looking Connecticut beauty became famous as the 99 44/100 % pure mother pictured on the Ivory Snow box in 1969 and infamous as Gloria, the innocent babe abducted and whisked off to a private sex club in the 1972 XXX sensation "Behind the Green Door." Her sunny presence as the sleeping beauty sexually awakened by male trapeze artists in crotchless tights helped mainstream porn movies. She also appeared in "Rabid," David Cronenberg's 1977 cult film about a bionic vampire with a blood-sucking syringe underneath her left arm, as unnerving an image of sexual voracity as anything in her X-rated films. The madonna/whore of the Boogie Nights era, Chambers died 10 days shy of her 57th birthday.