Jamie Foxx: Foot in Mouth?

UPDATE: On the Jay Leno show last night, Foxx apologized to Cyrus and to his fans, characterizing himself as "the black Howard Stern" and admitting that he took the "joke" too far. Should he apologize musically and record a duet with the teen powerhouse?

Jamie Foxx is a fine actor ("Any Given Sunday," "Collateral," "Ali"), Oscar winner ("Ray"), chart-topping R & B recording star, host of the Sirius radio show, "The Foxxhole" and doting father. In interviews over the years I've found him reflective, funny and very, very smart.

That's why I'm having a hard time believing that he said something really dumb and irresponsible on his radio show last Saturday about Miley Cyrus, a movie personality and recording star only two years older than Foxx's beloved daughter. Jamie, your Grandma Talley who raised you taught you better than to make fun of the way someone looks -- that's how they were born, it's out of their control. Jamie, if someone made the crack crack about your daughter, Corinne, you would be all over him like white on rice. Please tell me it was a lapse of judgment.

Readers tell me what you think. Your favorite Foxx role? Why? I like him best in the Michael Mann films "Ali" and "Collateral" because his emotions are so naked.