Is this the twilight of the superhero movie?


Roll over, Captain America, and tell Spider-Man the news: According to a financial analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group (hat tip, Deadline Hollywood), the days of movie superheroes are numbered.

This is an intriguing projection, apparently timed to rain on the parade of fanboys and fangirls descending upon San Diego for Comic-Con. I've left a message for its author, Vasily Karasyov, to get my mitts on the full report.

According to Deadline's expurgated version of his findings: All the top-tier supers -- Batman, Spider-man, Superman, Iron Man, X-Men -- have been taken. And "As film studios dig deeper into catalogues for characters for new films, we think the chances of finding a breakout property are diminishing fast." This is a more supportable claim, although Captain America, opening tomorrow, could disprove his hypothesis.

Presumably there's a lot more milk in those cash cows, Batman and and Spider-Man, so don't go writing the obit for superheros yet.

Your thoughts? Alternatively, your favorite movie superhero? Mine is Scott Pilgrim.