Is Russell Brand an actor or just a box-office draw?

I like Russell Brand in small doses. The unlikely star of the #1 and #2 films in the U.S. (Arthur and Hop) is cinematic jalapeno, a personality to be used sparingly to give a kick to an individual scene. But if used liberally, he can overwhelm a movie and dull the taste buds.

Thought he was perfectly cast as Aldous Snow, the self-regarding rock star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but found Get Him to the Greek, in which Aldous was elevated from comic garnish to the main course, pretty unsatisfying.  

The electrified (rather than electrifying) Russell Brand.

Brand, a self-described "S & M Willy Wonka," resembles a cross between Howard Stern and Mick Jagger and has the potty (and potty-mouthed) humor and affect of Nigel Tufnel, the rusting metalhead of This is Spinal Tap! Brand strikes me as an aging hippie's idea of a hipster, electrified rather than electrifying. Although Brand has the manic energy suggesting one who is always improvising, the only thing hipster about him is the low-slung trousers.

There are some personality stars -- Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin and Eddie Murphy come to mind,  who organically evolve into actors. The chances of this happening with Brand are slim. He seems to have only one arrow in his quiver. Your thoughts?